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Click below for downloadable PDFs for "Exercise Ability - The Ultimate Guide to Sports and Recreation for People with Disabilites"

Produced by the NYC Sports Commission -

Links we recently published our 2016 College Resources for Students with Disabilities

Accessible Travel: Resources for the Disabled Explorer -

Scholarships and Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities:
In 2011, 11% of all students enrolled in higher education reported having a disability, and this growing number indicates that more students with disabilities are enrolling than ever before.  While this is cause for celebration, these students face additional financial challenges in achieving their educational goals. To address these needs, we have created a guide to financial aid for students with disabilities at
Our guide includes valuable resources for students with disabilities, such as: A curated list of more than 85 disability-specific scholarships - Strategies for utilizing state and local financial aid resources - An overview of loan forgiveness and reduction options -

Another guide to paying for college for students with disabilities. This guide is the only one out there optimized to work with assistive technology for students with disabilities. It also includes a list of disability specific scholarships and rights for students with disabilities who are attending college:

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