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33rd Running of Masonic Fraternity Sponsored Event Easily Ranks Amongst the Best 


SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ—Many were on hand as the 33rd Annual Masonic Junior Regional Wheelchair Meet got underway on Saturday, June 5 in South Brunswick, New Jersey.  The event was sponsored by the Masonic Fraternity of New Jersey, and co-sponsored by the Tri-State Wheelchair Athletic Association and Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports USA.  The meet saw athletes from across the U.S. compete and continue the legacy of sportsmanship and athletic achievement that has been the calling card of the Masonic Junior Regionals for decades.


      As is customary at track and field meets, the events—swimming, weightlifting, table tennis, along with a variety of track and field events—were divided into groups based on gender and class of disability.  Seemingly suffering no ill effects from the sprained ankle sustained at his last meet, Xavier Perez put on an incredible display of strength in the weightlifting competition.  In his weight class of 52 kg (approximately 115 pounds), he lifted a grand total of 235 pounds in his two lifts, which is more than twice Xavier’s own bodyweight, a remarkable feat to be sure.  Alexander Xue also had a terrific meet, shining both in swimming and table tennis.  Miguel Jimenez-Vergara picked up where he left off in Edison at the 40th Annual Tri-State Regional, performing well in swimming and several track events.  As for the female athletes, they were no less impressive.  Caitlin Chaser’s lift total of 185 pounds was tops among all other female competitors, although Jennifer Faes’ 175 was a more than respectable total.  Alexandra Kay excelled in her track events as well as in shotput, javelin, and discus.  Lynne Ganley continued to be at the top of her game, as she carried the success she had at last month’s Tri-State Regional over to the Masonic meet by finishing first in all of her track and field events and posting several strong times in swimming events.

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