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The New York Knicks Roll Past the Competition and Win the Eastern Wheelchair Basketball Conference Championship


Written by Peter Quartuccio


CEDARHURST, NYThis past Saturday, January 22, four local wheelchair basketball squads took part in the 58th Annual Eastern Wheelchair Basketball Conference Tournament at Lawrence High School.  The Nassau Kings, the New York Nets, the Bulova Nets, and the New York Knicks—the heavy favorite to win the title—each had their share of good moments and strong performances, but it was the Knicks that possessed the greatest sum of both.  With their vast array of offensive weapons and seemingly boundless depth, the Knicks went undefeated at the tournament, besting both of their opponents in convincing fashion to win the E.W.B.C. Championship.

            The Knicks began their dominant campaign by trouncing the game but simply overmatched Kings, 64-18.  The superior outlet passing of the Knicks and the speed of their guards scorched the Kings, who, despite losing by nearly 50 points, never gave up.  Their heart and dedication served them well in their second game, where they found themselves matched up against the tough and skilled but far less dangerous New York Nets, who were coming off a 76-31 rout at the hands of the Bulova Nets.  The Kings wound up topping the New York Nets, 39-27, and went home a respectable 1 and 1, while their opponent finished the day winless.

            Being all from the tri-state area, these teams are very familiar with each other, and with this familiarity came a not altogether subtle dose of contempt.  Nowhere was that contempt more present or perceptible than in the Championship Final between the Knicks and the Bulova Nets, where trash talk ruled the day.  The Knicks’ brash point guard David Snowden did his best to back up the talk, shooting well and distributing the ball wisely and precisely.  His teammates’ contributions were considerable, as Eddy Lopez’s presence on the glass and Kevin Grant’s accuracy from the field helped give the Knicks a balanced attack.  The Bulova Nets had their own stellar performances: Paul Ward and Jim Jeffreys shot the ball well, and bigmen Steve Yedlock, Luis Dalmau, and Denton Johnson did their best to thwart the Knicks’ offensive onslaught.  In the end, the Knicks’ myriad weapons proved too much for the tenacious but outgunned Nets, and went on to beat them by a final score of 65-52.

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